Atmos 41

The Atmost 41 packages 12 weather sensors into a single, compact device for atmospheric conditions.

Classic Soil Moisture Probe

The AquaCheck Classic soil moisture probe offers capacitance based soil moisture measurement offering up to six depths or sensors per probe

EC-5 Soil Moisture

The EC-5 delivers research-grade accuracy at a price that makes large sensor networks economically practical.


The EVVOS OneSense is a compact cost-effective, battery-powered wireless data acquisition product line.


BloomSky provides the world’s first community-based smart weather camera station with real-time images, time-lapse and precise weather data.

Smart Weather Station

The Netatmo Smart Weather Station's wireless Outdoor Module gives you real-time weather data that matters: measurements are gathered from its sensors right on your doorstep.

TEROS 12 Soil Moisture System

The Meter Group TEROS 12 is a complete soil moisture system that treats the whole accuracy problem, rather than just one part of it.

Weather Station UC1

The EVVOS WS was designed for continuous deployment in harsh climates, which means there are no moving parts to fail.

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