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Smart Yields Legacy App:

Smart Sensing

Crop Protection and Water Management



Use our app or SMS alerts system on your smartphone to receive notifications and phone calls for Late Frost.



Protect yourself from pests by monitoring the temperature and humidity in your crops.

Soil Moisture

Soil Moisture

The most affordable and accurate Soil Moisture solution in the market.

Making ag life easier

Use our app to monitor temperature, humidity, wind, and more, on and around your farm

For all budgets

Not ready to add sensors to your farm? No problem! Our SMS Alert System for Late Frost will let you sleep at ease and will call you when your crops need attention.

Smart Plans

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2 Monitoring Packages
2 Map App Licenses
No Contract


Irrigation Add-On

2 Soil Temperature Sensors
1 Soil Moisture – 2 Depths
6 Month Contract


Steve Ela

“With Smart Yields I can quickly update key factors, like my temperature threshold for turning on wind machines, right from my mobile device – having that ability provides me another valuable way of monitoring my crops.”

Steve Ela
Ela Family Farms

“A spring frost can kill the blossoms and make it hard to compete with orchards in mellower climates. I had been looking for an effective, affordable crop monitoring system for nearly a decade when I found Smart Yields.”

Edward Tuft
Leroux Creek Foods

Harrison Topp

“When Smart Yields technology is used in coordination with other farmers, it ceases to be solely about what is important at your farm, and it shows you what is important about conditions across many farms.”

Harrison Topp
Rocky Mountain Farmers Union