Smart Yields Chief Agricultural Officer Michael Rogers gave the company’s final pitch at the Laudato Si Challenge Demo Day in Rome on Monday. The event was covered by Hawaii News Now and in Pacific Business News.

Howard Dicus opened his Dec. 5 “Business Report” for the Sunrise morning show with a brief on the pitch. Meanwhile, Anna Hrushka covered it in an article that same day:

Honolulu-based Smart Yields presented its final pitch at a demo day in Rome on Monday, the last step as part of the startup’s participation in an inaugural Vatican-blessed accelerator program. The entire Smart Yields founding team attended the pitch event, which also included presentations from each of the cohort’s eight additional participating companies…

“We believe access to nutritious food is a basic human right,” Rogers said in a statement. “We are building a community that grows and learns together using technology to create a future with enough food for all to live peacefully in a healthy environment.”

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