A bill before the Hawaii state legislature seeks to give employees access to leave benefits during times when they need to provide care for a family member. Smart Yields is highlighted in a Pacific Business News feature today for its support of family-centric benefits.

“If an employee leaves because he or she doesn’t like the job, that’s one thing. But if they have to pick between taking care of a loved one and working, that just shouldn’t be a question,” Smart Yields CEO Vincent Kimura says in the piece. “It’s about creating an ideal environment for someone who wants to have a family and that work life balance… and unless businesses change or adapt with the times, they’re not going to be in business anymore.”

It’s a cause near and dear to Kimura’s heart. His wife, Lisa Kimura, is the Executive Director of the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Hawaii. In November, she received the Cades Foundation Nonprofit Leadership award.