The Honolulu ABC affiliate, KITV, featured Smart Yields last night. Reporter Roger Mari visited Mari’s Gardens in Mililani, which is our first pilot partner, and spoke with co-founder and lead developer Justin Hedani.

Smart Yields helps farmers increase productivity

Smarter tools for smarter farming — one of the oldest industries is going high tech with the help of a new local company.

“Agriculture, it’s a way of life here and it’s very expensive to run a farm. The more we can help the farmers here, increase their yields or have a better sense of what’s going on, the better it will be for them,” said Justin Hedani, lead developer at Smart Yields.

Mari’s Garden in Mililani is the first farm in Hawaii to experiment with this new concept as part of a pilot project with “Smart Yields,” a Honolulu based company providing a mobile and desktop app that aims to analyze, predict, and alert farmers of environmental conditions.