We’re very sorry that you’re having trouble connecting your sensors! Here are some easy ways to troubleshoot on your own. If you’re still having issues connecting your sensors after troubleshooting, please shoot us a message in our Intercom chat box located on the bottom right of this page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Are all of your devices turned on? You will need to make sure that your sensor is on before you start pairing it with our app.
  • Are all of your devices properly connected to the internet? This tends to be one of the most common reasons why users have trouble pairing their sensors with our app.
  • Do you have any other sensors around that have been turned on, but have not yet been paired/associated with the app? If so, please turn off your other sensors that haven’t been paired yet (or move them out of range). The problem with having multiple unassociated sensors on is that the devices are unsure which sensor you’re wanting to pair, and you can only pair one sensor at a time.
  • Is your sensor at least 10 feet away from your base station/modem/router that you’re using? Sometimes, the sensor is too close to the base station. We like to keep our sensors around 10ft away from our base stations when we are pairing them.